Professional Packing & Crating Services

Professional Packing and Crating SpeedEx

One of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of a household move is the packing of small items into boxes. Though many of our customers do all or some of their own packing, SpeedEx Home Pakers provides packing services to those customers who prefer to have packing done by professional packers. Our trained and experienced packers can do as little or as much of the packing as you need to have done.

It is often better to have our professional crew, pack your delicate and valuable possessions. If you pack these items yourself, we are not responsible for damage unless the carton is mishandled. If we do the packing, we are completely responsible within the parameters of the level of coverage you select for your move.

wood packing & crating services

Customers often wonder what needs to be packed for a successful household move. Obviously, all small items such as dishes, pots and pans, knick-knacks, books, etc. need to be packed into boxes. Lamps and lamp shades also need to be packed. For local moves, most pictures, mirrors and glass tops do not need to be packed into boxes but can be moved using our moving blankets. For long-distance moves, pictures, mirrors and glass tops need to be packed into cartons.

Some mirrors, pictures and glass tops as well as other items are so fragile and delicate that packing into cartons is not adequate. These items need to be protected with custom made wooden crates. When this is necessary Golden Eagle Moving Services can arrange for professional crating services.

SpeedEx Moving Services has a large supply of all cartons necessary for any move. Appropriate cartons are used when our professional packers do the packing. We also sell cartons, paper, bubble pack, packing tape and other supplies to customers who want to do their own packing. When available, used cartons are sold for half price. Customers who return cartons they have purchased from us to our Upland office receive a refund of 30% of the purchase price. For local moves SpeedEx Home Packers provides wardrobe cartons for hanging clothes at no charge if the cartons are returned at the conclusion of the move. We are unable to provide free use of wardrobe cartons, however, for long-distance moves.